About us


At NHTT Loans, we liken debt to a cancer which if not kept in check, can literally bring a man to his knees. The side effects of debt are devastating and we endeavour to educate our customers on the importance of being debt free. We understand that being debt free is a tall older in this hard economic times. However, with discipline and strong resolve, it can be done. We offer guidance on the quickest way to get out of debt, the benefits of being debt free, the risks of being indebted and so on and so forth. We also believe that most people get into debt out of ignorance or because of wrong advice and that is why we always endeavour to offer debt counselling services and assist our customers better manage debt.

Our representatives are always at your beck and call and should you need any help with debt management, we are always a phone call away. It doesn’t matter whether you are struggling with debt or if you simply want information on how better to manage your existing debt. We are always here for you.